Distribution of serrated tussock

Serrated tussock prefers cool temperate climates, is drought tolerant and adapted to a wide range of climates. It is not limited by soil type and will grow on all types of terrain and different aspect but is rarely found in wet or heavily shaded areas. As a highly invasive and unpalatable perennial grass it can be a major problem in perennial grasslands, native woodlands and other vegetation communities.

Serrated tussock is widespread in south-eastern Australia covering more than 2 million hectares of land. It has occasionally been found, and eradicated, in South Australia. It has not been found in Queensland, Western Australia or the Northern Territory.

Climate modelling suggests the potential distribution of serrated tussock could increase to 32 million hectares.  The map provides a guide only and does not take into consideration soil type, day length or other biological factors. (Serrated tussock – National best practice manual)

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