Impact of serrated tussock on native grasslands

Serrated tussock:

  • Is a key threat to native grasslands.
  • Is able to go unnoticed in native grasslands for many years leading to significant infestations and damage.
  • Has already invaded many of temperate south-eastern Australia's most endangered native grassland remnants.
  • Is a serious threat to the native flora and fauna of endangered native grasslands.
  • Also invades environmentally significant areas such as dry coastal vegetation, grassy woodlands and sclerophyll forests.

Native grasses often confused with serrated tussock:

  • Poa/silver tussock (Poa labillardieri)
  • Snow grass (Poa sieberiana)
  • Red anther wallaby grass (Joycea pallid)
  • Spear grass (Austostipa spp.)
  • Wallaby grass (Austrodanthonia spp.)
  • Kangaroo grass (Themeda triandra)

Source: "Serrated tussock - national best practice manual"