Council or Local Control Authority responsibilities

Local Control Authorities (LCA) are responsible for controlling noxious weeds and administerng the Noxious Weeds Act 1993 in their areas.  In most areas of NSW the Local ol Authority is the council.

Council's duties include:

  • Ensuring occupiers of private land fulfil their obligations under the Act.
  • Inspection of land within their area in connection with noxious weeds.
  • Enforcing the control of noxious weeds as per the control category.
  • Weed management on land occupied by the council and on roads in their area.
  • Publicity about weeds declared in the area.
  • Proposing changes to noxious weed declarations.
  • Developing, implementing and coordinating local strategies and policies.
  • Providing ongoing approved training and professional development for weed staff.
  • Providing adequate resources to implement noxious weed programs.

For more information contact your local control authority.

Source: Noxious Weed Handbook for Councils and Councillors, NSW Department of Primary Industries.