What is the role of a Weeds Officer?

Weeds Officers are the frontline defence againast weeds.  They work with and for the local community to protect their valuable assets including agricultural land, bushland, recreatinal facilities, private property and waterways.

A Weeds Officer's role is extremely varied and involves the performance of a number of functions within the council.  Their main activities include:

  • Management planning and record keeping
    • developing council weed management strategies
    • surveying, mapping and reporting weed infestations
    • integrating control programs with other council and community activities
    • participating in regional weeds advisory committees
  • Education and promotion of weed management to the community and council staff

Weeds Officers educate the community on all aspects of noxious weed identification and management. hey develop information displays, conduct presentations and publish and distribute weed awareness material.

Weeds Officers also liaise with council's operations and contract staff, assisting them in incorporating practical weed management into engineering, construction, maintenance, waste, landscape and park management activities.

  • Advising land managers on integrated weed management

Weeds Officers trial new weed management methods and provide weed management advice to land managers, community groups, planners, consultants and other council staff.

  • Local operational activities

Weeds Officers coordinate the control of noxious weeds on land under the management of council.

  • Enforcement of the Noxious Weeds Act
    • Regularly inspecting properties, nurseries and other businesses for the presence of noxious weeds.
    • Providing advice to land managers on their responsibilities and suitable weed management options.
    • Determining if new weed incursions have the pontential to become a serious problem.
    • Developing management plans and initiating control measures for new weeds.
    • Initiating council's application for noxious weed declarations.
    • Dealing with community inquiries.
    • Resolving conflicting weed and land management issues.

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