Noxious Weeds Act 1993

Serrated tussock was first declared noxious in NSW in 1938 and is a declared noxious weed under the Noxious Weeds Act 1993.

In NSW the administration of noxious weed control is the responsibiity of the Minister for Primary Industries.  The Act is implemented and enforced by the Local Control Authority (LCA) for the area, usually local government.  In some areas, groups of LCAs have initiated co-operative structures to jointly implement the noxious weed control functions for their regions.

The Act aims to:

  • ensure a uniform and coordinated approach to the control of noxious weeds throughout NSW.
  • Define the roles and responsibilities of all authorities and occupiers of land.
  • Provide powers to ensble the coordinated control of weeds in NSW.
  • Provide for funding assistance from the State Government.
  • Categorise noxious weeds according to the level of control that is required for each weed and location.


Source: Noxious Weed Handbook for councils and councillors.  NSW Department of Primary Industries