Control methods

All land holders are required by law to control their serrated tussock infestation.

Serrated tussock management will vary based on your particular situaton. 

The control methods you choose will depend on:

  • the density of your infestation,
  • the life cycle or stage of the serrated tussock plants,
  • your terrain and soil type,
  • surrounding pasture and other vegetation.

Initial treatment choices must be integrated with follow up control and on going management of both serrated tussock seelings and other desirable vegetation.

Consider developing a serrated tussock management plan for your property that sets priority areas and integrates with your property plan.

Integrated weed management

The key to long term control of serrated tussock is is to have a plan using a combination of different management and control techniques, that is 'integrated weed management'.   This helps reduce the reliance on herbicides and chance of herbicide resistance.

Integrated weed management aims to achieve long term control by actively targeting the plant's vulnerable ecological features and by reducing its ability to continue to spread.

Simple weed management generally treats only the symptoms of a weed infestation, typically by using direct treatments to kill the tussock plants. 

In contrast, integrated weed management attempts to address the underlying causes of the tussock infestation, rather than just focusing on the visible serrated tussock plants. 

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