When buying land

There are a range of things to consider when buying rural land and the presence of noxious weeds such as serrated tussock should not be underestimated. 

  • Carefully inspect the property for weeds, or hire a consultant to do this - remembering some weeds may not be evident at certain times of the year, and weeds like serrated tussock may be hard to identify.
  • Make sure you ask the vendor and real estate agent if there are any weed problems on the property.
  • Apply to the relevant local control authority for a certificate stating whether any weed control notices are in force.
  • Find out if serrated tussock or other noxious weeds are present in the surrounding district.  Talk to local agronomists, Weeds Officers, rural retailers or stock and station agents.  Check out the current distribution maps.

If serrated tussock is present, seek advice on the cost of initial treatments and also the ongoing management of the infestation.  If serrated tussock is present it is highly likely it will be a significant ongoing cost for you.

It is the responsibility of a buyer and their solicitor or conveyancing agent to inspect the property, examine the contract and ask the right questions about the type of issues that could affect the use of rural land and the legal obligations of the new owner.

The NSW Department of Primary Industries has a useful Factsheet which outlines many precautions when buying rural land.


Source: Precautions when buying rural land - NSW Department of Primary Industries