On small acreages

Being diligent in detecting and controlling weeds will minimise the chance of a large outbreak, will save time and money, and will help you to enjoy the benefits of a rulral lifestyle.

Weeds can cause problems for the owners of small 'hobby' or lifestyle farms.

Apart from the legal obligation to control serrated tussock and other noxious weeds, extensive weed outbreaks on small farms may:

  • impact on biodiversity and human health
  • spread to neighbouring land, including production farms, which in turn may strain community relationships
  • cut significantly into niche-farming profits
  • detract from time better spent on other activities
  • make it more difficult to restore natural habitats on your land
  • detract from the natural beauty of your land and reduce its value
  • increase farm costs
  • be toxic or harmful to livestock and pets
  • harbour feral animals such as rabbits and foxes
  • make it difficult to access certain areas of your farm

Source: Weed Detection and Control on Small Farms. A guide for Owners