Past members

Sue Haslingden

Member (2007 - 2013)

Sue haslingden

Sue, her husband Ian and family run Inglewood Merino Stud, farm merino sheep for wool, xbred lambs and angus cattle not far from the Victorian Border on the Southern Tablelands. Weed control is an ongoing environmental management and economic commitment not only for the farm, but also the region.

Drought has had a big impact in her area for the last twenty odd years. The social, environmental and economic effects resulted in some farmers selling up to managed investment schemes in plantation forestry, destocking and making many difficult decisions to try and keep on farming. During this time serrated tussock spread at an alarming rate.

Her concerned with landuse issues resulted in Sue being elected to the committee of the Snowy River Interstate Landcare and the NSW Farmers Executive Council for Region 11. Through this position she was invited to be on the National Serrated Tussock Management Group. She has also reinvigorated her local District Council/Branch of NSW Farmers to be more proactive about issues whilst providing an opportunity for communicating and catching up.

Succession planning become a major project for Sue and her family, completing an Advanced Diploma in Agriculture. The Property Plan she developed as a working document is relevant and contains pertinent sections that address the current and future expectations for holistic, environmental, climate risk and sustainable agricultural practices and management systems, including carbon sequestration.


Bob Spiller

Member (2012-2013)

Bob lives on a 219ha property near Gunning where he and his wife run a small flock of fine wool merinos as a retirement interest following a 34 year career in the Australian Public Service.

Happily, serrated tussock is not a major problem on their property and they are able to control it by chipping regularly. However, it is a major problem in their district with over 200 people at a Gunning community meeting in 2009 rating it by far as the number one environmental and agricultural priority. That's why Jerrawa Creek Landcare Group, of which Bob is the longstanding secretary, initiated "Tussock Tamers", a community project aimed at revitalising the efforts to control this and other weeds in partnership with the Lachlan CMA and Upper Lachlan Shire Council. This project achieved some success and has since expanded to cover the entire Upper Lachlan Shire.

Bob does not claim any special knowledge of serrated tussock but the lessons he and his fellow landcarers have learned through Tussock Tamers and their general experience helped further the objectives of the Working Party.