Serrated Tussock Working Party for NSW and ACT

The Serrated Tussock Working Party is a landholder based group formed in 2006 in response to public concern at the potential for increasing the adverse effects of serrated tussock for the environment and agricultural production in New South Wales and the ACT.

A fundamental belief of the Working Party is that serrated tussock control efforts will only succeed if there is a cooperative approach by landholders, if effort is part of wider whole of property and regional action on environmental and productivity issues and if a long-term perspective is routine.

The Working Party gained support from the NSW Government by way of funding for a project to look at the strategic coordination and management of serrated tussock across NSW.  For more information on the project click here.

The Working Party's vision:

  • The continuous suppression and destruction of serrated tussock on arable land,

  • The identification and destruction of serrated tussock where dealing with it is beyond the capacity of the landholder,

  • The stopping of the expansion of the weed's range,

  • The stopping of seed rain everywhere.