Serrated Tussock - Landscape Solutions 2010 - 2015

In 2010 the Serrated Tussock Working Party for NSW and the ACT (STWP) partnered with Mid-Western Regional Council and were successful in gaining funding under the NSW Government's Weed Action Program for a State-wide project "Serrated tussock - Landscape Solutions". 

Under the project a Coordinator was employed with the aim of facilitating more effective coordination and strategic management of serrated tussock across NSW.

In the initial year of the project a series of recommendations were made to the STWP, many of which were progressed during the life of the project.  These recommendations can be found in the document "Increasing cooperative management of serrated tussock - the way forward for NSW and the ACT".

Significant achievements of the project are incorporated in the 2014 Progress Report of the STWP.